How to Manage Your New Business Effectively and Efficiently

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Getting a business off the ground is never easy, but managing the day to day function can take all your time and energy. If you plan to be able to work on your business instead of having to do a lot of hands-on managing, getting rid of obstacles instead of creating workarounds is key.

Include Everyone in the Big Picture

Not all of your employees need to know how to do every job in the place, but it is important to note how behaviors up the line can impact the end product. If you have an employee who has amazing computer skills in one program but is deficient in another and the rest of your team really needs projects in the second program, you need the following to keep everyone functioning efficiently:

  • more training
  • more communication
  • a crossover program

Keep Someone Around for Emergencies

You may be comforted by the knowledge that all of your employees are busy all the time because it’s good for the bottom line, but it only takes one emergency to derail a lot of projects. Having an employee who can easily fill in when someone is out of the office, struggling with a tougher than expected project, or just not handling things well will keep your office calmer and more comfortable. This person will not always be busy. You may need to find them different projects or encourage them to take over some more mundane tasks. Obviously, this employee will need to be flexible, not prone to panic and not wedded to a job description mindset.

Figure Out the Road Bumps

If you notice that some of the most creative work your staff is doing is working around a tough situation, break down the tough situation to create a smoother path. If your business phone systems aren’t routing properly for those working from home, you may need to increase methods of connection for all your employees. The same holds true for employees. If you have an employee who’s having a hard time meeting their schedule or hitting their deadlines, it’s time to take a hard look at what they’re tasked with and where things are breaking down before you lose that person or sour relationships between them and their coworker.

Launch and Land Projects with Plenty of Information

Unless you absolutely need to lock down some data to just a few employees, do your best to share information on new projects. Create a framework of internal deadlines so everyone touching the project knows when schedules are getting tight. If your employees know when the manager is going on vacation or if the graphic designer is home with a sick child, they can massage around their current projects to have focus to bring back to a project that may turn into a rush. Looking for a way to share such notes, including notes from the client or changes in the contact names. Electronic data sharing programs are highly industry specific; your choice may not be the same as that of another business.

Celebrate the Great Landings

Because you have built an end to end process, everyone in your organization should have a decent idea of when a big project is delivered or launched. Now is the time to take some time away from desks, manufacturing benches and design tables. It’s time to have a party. Depending on the major players involved, tailor your party to those in charge of the success. Of course, you will need

  • food
  • beverages
  • decorations
  • acknowledgements
  • awards

With an eye toward budget fairness, check the tastes and preferences of the award winners. If they love barbecue, order barbecue. If they’re a vegetarian, don’t. Consider their comfort level as well. If you have a skilled introvert who has made a major contribution to a big project, don’t surprise them with a party that requires them to make a speech.


Valuing your employees and contract workers is a great way to build loyalty. Moving speed bumps out of the way of workers will make them feel heard and empower them. Automate what you can, support employees who solve problems, and celebrate your successes.

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