How to Pick an Excellent Video Platform for Your Startup

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There are a multitude of startups out there trying their hardest to become industry leaders. They have to be incredibly crafty, resourceful, and tenacious in order to succeed. In today’s marketplace, with a world dominated by massive flows of information and quick visual snippets, having access to a video-sharing platform is an absolute must. Of course, picking which of these platforms to use can be a bit of a challenge. There are a long-list of factors to take into account.

What Are Video Platforms?

A video platform is a website that allows individuals and organizations to upload, share, and manage videos for private or public consumption. Video platforms can be geared towards different kinds of audiences, with some appealing to the mainstream and others being marketed as being more professional or specified in nature.

Generally, pre-edited videos are uploaded to these sites, which then can be interacted with using many helpful features, such as analytics, sharing options, and discussion sections. Some platforms also have editing options embedded in the website, negating the need for editing software. Increasingly, it’s become much more common for video platforms to host live streaming services, which allow the recording and sharing of video in real time.

Why Are They Important for Startups?

Video-sharing platforms are an integral part of a startup’s success. Most internet traffic consists of people watching videos, with other types of traffic coming nowhere close. For established brands, putting effort into getting noticed by the public or a few high-profile clients isn’t a priority, but for those just starting out, exposure is the primary difference between success and failure. Due to the prevalence of video sharing in our internet-driven world, video platforms play a key role in whether startups can stay afloat.

Beyond just exposure, video platforms can provide an enhanced degree of security when it comes to intellectual property, as many have features that prevent piracy and allow access only to those that meet certain criteria, such as whether they paid or if they were invited.

What Should a Startup Look for in A Platform?

While on the surface it may seem like video platforms are all the same at the end of the day, there are some key considerations to keep in mind.

  • Content Delivery Network: A CDN is responsible for handling the amount of strain placed on a video when it’s streaming. A good CDN is a must since it will make sure videos buffer smoothly and prevent web pages from crashing when there is a high level of traffic.
  • Dashboard: A dashboard is the interface content creators use to manage their videos. It allows for unique display options when people watch content such as video segmentation. Beyond just editing, a good dashboard will allow startups to have an extra layer of polish to their videos.
  • Encryption System: Before a video streams on a website, a content creator must upload a video file which can then be shown to other people. Due to the high potential for property theft and privacy violation, the content of an uploaded video is encrypted before it starts streaming, making it difficult to download the original file. Any startup that wants to ensure their work is protected should only use platforms with good encryption technology.
  • Analytics: Regardless of how talented or creative a startup’s staff is, the reality is that not all uploaded videos are going to have the desired impact. Analytics tools allow content creators to see a wide range of statistics in relation to their videos, including demographic information, the amount of times a video was shared, and whether a video tends to be viewed multiple times. Based on this information, startups can design their videos to be more effective, which is why a platform’s analytics are so important.

Getting Started

Startups are hard enough to manage from the get-go, but when it becomes difficult to reach an audience or administer content, things go downhill fast. Picking the right video streaming site will save a lot of time and frustration in the long-run.

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