How to Win Clients with Creative Branding Strategies

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By: Jessica Thomas From: Freelance Writer

The term ‘Creative Branding Strategies’ gets thrown around a lot on the web. If the phrase has been a bit of a confusing one for you, here’s a quick breakdown of what it is, why it’s important, and how it can win you more customers.

Fortunately, there’s nothing complicated about branding strategies and how they relate to any business. We’ll look at different phases of creative branding as well as how those can be made more accessible to your target audience.

Let’s break it down.

What are the Different Types of Creative Branding?

You only need to think of some successful examples of branding to understand what it is and how it works.

Popular companies have always understood what it takes to solidify their brand in the minds of the public. Brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonalds don’t need their names to identify themselves in an ad.

Nike uses a symbol that’s synonymous with quality shoes; Coca-Cola uses the unique shape of their bottles to identify their beverages; and McDonalds needs only display their golden arch to signal burger fans to one of their million outlets across the planet.

In the same way, online brands have used creative symbols and shapes to set themselves up in the minds of their audience… and you can do the same!

But a creative branding strategy is more than just coming up with a memorable logo or displaying your company name in a funky font. There are other identifying marks to a brand that perpetuate your product or service to your audience, and we’ll discuss these further down.

But first, let’s look at why this works and why it’s so crucial to the success of any business.

Why is Creative Branding So Important?

People Respond to STORIES

Even niche brands gain success by promoting a story—and EVERY company has one. The story part of your brand is one of the most important aspects of it, because it helps your audience relate to you in a more human way.

Unprecedented Competition

Creative branding is important because the internet is FULL of people who are competing for the same audience you are. If you don’t stand out, you’ll simply fall by the wayside as so many others have.

Brands are Forgettable

People consume tons of information on a daily basis, Most of this information doesn’t stick in their minds at all, which is why it’s the memorable elements like stories, attractive logo and influence that need to be integrated into your creative branding strategy.

Subconscious Reputation

Every brand you recognize has a reputation in your mind. Whether it’s a good reputation or a negative one, you will forever associate certain brands with certain perceived experiences—whether past or future. Remember that the next time you’re wondering why creative branding is so crucial to your business.

How Do We Strategize to Use Creative Branding in Ways that Attract Customers?

Now, you probably pulled up this article to find out exactly how you can grow your customer base with creative branding, right?

So, now that you understand what creative branding is and why it’s so important, let’s get into the various strategies you can implement to use your creativity in a productive, client-generating way.

A Memorable Logo Design

Beginning with a unique and creative logo design is a good start. A logo that sticks in the mind of your audience isn’t something you just conjure up. Expert designers do not make logo design mistakes like not taking into account of the psychology behind the flow of your font, the colors you use, and any associated symbols that accompany your logo name.

Getting an expert to handle this part of your creative branding is an important step, but it doesn’t end there.

Social Media

Now that you have a creative brand that LOOKS good, you can start showing it off via the platforms that are already inherently popular. Social media platforms aren’t just there to DISPLAY your shiny new logo; it’s up to you to create a creative message that people can start associating with your brand.

Review-Based Advertising

Positive reviews, sincere testimonials and stories on how your brand has improved the lives of others are all creative branding strategies that work on an honest level to promote that brand.

When these reviews form part of your existing story, they have an exponential effect that SELLS your initial story to others who haven’t heard of you yet.

The result? Massive growth!

Answer-Based Advertising

Google is used more as a question-answering platform these days than ever before. When someone wants to ask a question, they expect that an expert has already posted that answer somewhere on the web.

You could be that expert!

Using a question & answer strategy is a creative way to set yourself up as an expert, gain the trust of your audience, and eventually reel them in as paying customers.

Mission accomplished!

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to win your clients over with your creative branding strategy? Use the tips in this article so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Author Bio

Jessica Thomas hails from a small town in Texas. She has a degree in Psychology but pursues her passion for writing through freelance work. When not writing she likes to spend her time cooking and travel the world.

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