Image Annotation: How it Can Improve Your Business

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In today’s world, e-commerce is the new frontier of business. To have your enterprise stand out from the rest, artificial intelligence (AI) can transform your customer’s experience from basic to incredible. Properly utilizing AI can have your customers hooked to your online retail platform. For any potential customers, a difficult-to-navigate platform will deter them from visiting the platform in the future. Chances are, the customers will buy from platforms that are easy to navigate and interact with.

When buyers log into any e-commerce platform, they most definitely want the images of the products they would like to be appropriately annotated. Additionally, having product recommendations based on previous purchases is an added advantage. E-commerce platforms can do this using computer vision technology that enables machines to identify different objects. The purpose of all this labeling is to provide the buyers with a pleasant purchase experience. Image optimization and annotation exist for e-commerce and retail. However, in both instances, the end goal is similar: to offer optimum customer experience.

What is its Utility in Your Business?

Image annotation is a component of Computer Vision (CV) and is behind many AI products. The skill utilizes tags and metadata to label the data characteristics the AI model is to learn. Later, when the computer is presented with new data, it can use the already labeled information to identify and classify the new data. Annotating images serves to offer the computer a basis upon which it can learn new data. Since the annotation acts as a curriculum upon which a computer is set to learn, creating an efficient annotation process is a big deal, especially when working on machine learning.

Different Methods Used In Data Annotation

  • Splines and lines used by autonomous vehicles to identify lanes which the cars are to run
  • Bounding boxes in which a computer can identify where an object is by using rectangular boxes
  • Key point and landmark where dots are used in identifying objects and their shapes on images
  • Semantics segmentation where objects are identified based on the environmental context
  • Video and image data annotations
  • 3D cuboids which though similar to bounding boxes can offer more information on the depth of objects

How is Image and Video annotation Beneficial for Businesses?

It Improves Your Product Listings

As stated earlier, how customers interact with your e-commerce platform can significantly influence whether they visit and spend on the platform. Annotating images improves the product listing and allows customers to use images to find their desired product. Once a potential customer uploads an image on the search bar, the computer’s AI quickly uses the image to identify the main object and thus direct the search. The computer uses semantic segmentation by tagging various objects in line with the search query and product titles.

Differentiating Between Persons

Differentiating between persons and identifying people go hand-in-hand. Your business model may involve:

  • Private investigations
  • Identifying different stores to map them out
  • Finding people who have been reported missing

Different types of annotation, especially video annotation, allows you to use CCTV footage to track people down. The footage is fed into a computer system, and the person of interest can be found. In other instances, details of the person of interest can be fed into a system, and computers then scan CCTV footage to see if the person has been captured. The technology can also be instrumental when beefing up security at your business premises. By tagging and labeling the details of your employees, you can efficiently lock out unwanted personnel from your enterprise.

Tracking Objects Using Image and Video

AI is handy in using computer vision to track objects or people. For example, an athlete coach may decide to hire a professional athlete, seek the services of an annotation company, record the athlete’s movements and actions on the track, and use this information to train other athletes. Image and video annotation allow you to capture specific movements and actions. By analyzing these movements, you can identify specific tricks and moves that make the professional athlete the best in the game. Annotations often capture frame-by-frame of the object that is of interest. The captured objects are then easily recognizable later on by the computer.


Depending on what your business model is, annotating images can be instrumental in improving your business. Computer vision and AI can make your e-commerce platform user-friendly or make your business model easier to perform.

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