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Source: GTMetrix Live Score for ElephantMark

Improve Your Website’s Performance and Page Score. Load your website faster on WordPress.

Every second of load time it will cost you money and exponentially increase your website’s bounce rates, and cart abandonment.

“Consumers become impatient when pages take longer than two seconds to load. 47 percent of consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, representing a significant evolution in consumer expectation over the 2006 study, which showed customer expectations at four seconds or less. Forrester found that 40 percent of consumers will wait no more than three seconds for a web page to render before abandoning the site.”
– Akamai.com

We’re interested in helping all of our clients improve their page speeds, and we now have the tools to increase them. We recently took our own website to prove that very point. Cart abandonment is a real-world issue for e-commerce websites and according to Akamai requires a site performance with page loads faster than 2 seconds each, and this can be achieved with hard work on image optimization and with website performance tools such as Wp-rocket.me that we use in conjunction with our highly touted WPENGINE hosting service.

What steps do we take to improve our website’s page performance?

1. Scale Your Images. We make sure every image is scaled to the right size, that is imperative to keep the file sizes low. We recommend ideally getting your page weight in MB, under 1MB if it all possible. 

2. Defer Javascript on loading. Deferring Javascript loading requires a plugin in WordPress, and there are many options out there. We have found depending on your hosting provider there are good solutions that may or may not work. We recommend using WP-Rocket and when it is combined with WP Engine it will result in amazingly fast load times with a little tinkering, a lot of image resizing, and playing with your settings of the application itself.

3. Have a good Web-host, to begin with. We recommend for WordPress WPEngine.

4. With WPEngine we can definitely tell you that WP-Rocket.me provides a unique solution that drastically will help you improve your website’s performance. We’re not in this to be website optimizers and we freely hand out this knowledge, however, we can help you design and develop a great looking and well-performing website!

5. Have a Content Demand Network (CDN). Having a CDN will mean all of your images and files will load on servers all over the cloud network to improve the page load times worldwide. TIP don’t just assume because you toggled it on it’s working correctly either. I made that mistake, test it make sure images are loading from a CDN. address and than if it is not working correctly contact your host’s tech team or turn your CDN account off and back on again sometimes that’ll reset it correctly.

6. Do not overload your site with unnecessary activated plugins. If you have too much running at once you’ll have more javascript load time, more CSS files to load, and in general, more server requests all which slow down your site’s performance.

7. Look at your google chrome inspection tool to discover if your site loads with any errors, or has multiple web host location errors. This is an easy fix with the better find and replace plugin within WordPress. But first, it will help to identify all these mistakes it might be easy to run your site through the test by GTMetrix.com. You will find a list of corrections you need to go through and if you have questions feel free to send us a message.


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