Well, watch-out Kevin James, there’s a new Sheriff in town. Segway is up to something straight out of Robocop albeit a little more friendly. Meet Autonomous Response VIA IoT, Segway’s Robot Guard of the future. This debuted at this years CES, and you can find out more about that here.

To be fair, this little device will be able to do what regular cameras cannot. They’ll be mobile and capable of processing image recognition software, on the move. And, maybe this will become part of the norm at sporting arena’s, or subway station’s to help assist with keeping an eye on potential security threats. And it can be used to help assist a regular security guard by being ridden at up to 11MPH, moving around a larger area without having to use their own energy is helpful but it won’t help you catch a criminal that’s in decent shape. After watching this film, I can’t help but wish Futurama was on air still, they’d probably put Peter Weller (RoboCop himself) on one of these things just for kicks.


Autonomous Response VIA IoT,

The Segway Robot Guard

The Police 3 Wheel Segway. Alright, no one’s running away from this, Segway also released this at CES 2018, and I have to say this machine looks likely to be in urban areas.

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