superbowl ad rejected veterans, #pleasestand

We’re living in a surreal time, where campaigns are being waged left and right over issues that all Americans care about. One thing I always never took for granted though was standing at attention in the honor of those that defended our flag.

I think it goes without saying that this social media campaign is going to only grow prior to the Superbowl, and I think sharing this veteran’s ad is as fair to do as Google’s keyword which automatically fills out to “Superbowl ad rejected veterans” which results in Sports Illustrated, and the Washington Times organically being at the top. When you get to those pages, you get campaigned in videos about why people kneel. That’s their initiative and it has zero to do with rejecting the veteran’s group, its a campaign and it is a sophisticated simple rejection of #pleasestand.

I get it people on both sides of the aisle want to toot their own horns. But, a positive message such as please stand, is not an order, it’s a request by those that served for us to be kindly reminded to pay the flag its due respect, nothing more. What is disturbing is that the NFL censored the ad and told them it was too controversial to run and offered them different copywriting that could be approved.

Lastly, the fact that #PleaseStand is a message that is deemed so controversial to the NFL and the Superbowl one might ask what did they not deem controversial enough to run?

Well, this gem is just one of those beauties, which I absolutely distaste as do many other Americans who deem it one of the most offensive in the history of the SuperBowl.

AdAge Stored it luckily –

Example, just type “super” Google will fill out the rest.

What’s concerning about Google’s results is that it’s really controlling what we’re going to look at and filter us away from finding the actual story from the actual group that was actually rejected, and not the post or Snopes or anyone else. <— These guys.

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