How to Boost the Productivity of Your Remote Employees

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As the world embraces the need for remote working, you need to follow suit lest your business becomes obsolete in the competitive market. People use different tactics to work remotely and remain productive. However, many businesses find it hard to adhere to the changes, especially when supervising employees for guaranteed productivity. Delve in for more insights on how to boost the productivity of your remote employees.

Communicate As Much As Possible

In the normal office environment, it is possible to pass by your employees and remain in touch as much as possible. However, with the remote working, there is the distance factor, and for you to stay in touch with your staff, it is essential to schedule regular meetings or video conferencing.

Agree with your employees on the meeting frequency and ensure that everyone is comfortable with the schedule. You can also achieve the meeting’s success by notifying them when the session is about to begin to plan.

Through the regular meetings, let everyone share their success, expectations, and pain points. You can also use the opportunity to set goals for every employee, reflect on the achievements and improvements to achieve the set goals.

Invest In the Right Remote Working Tools

Ensure you and your team has the right tools to run the work successfully. The tools will enable your employees to work on projects as individuals or teams, share documents s and progress the work effectively.

There is several computer-enabled software on the internet to help you achieve your company objectives. There are both free and paid video conferencing tools. Get the ones you need to enhance your productivity. You can also invest in productivity and time-tracking applications to supervise your employees remotely. However, ensure to get genuine software when downloading them from the internet as some come with malware and risk the security of your devices.

Other hardware tools like working computers or mobile devices connected to the internet can work well. Make sure you have the right accessories like working cameras and earphones for timely communication. You can check out the Logitech h390 review for quality earphones. Though expensive, they are worth investing in as they have quality sounds ideal for video conferencing.

Guide Them How to Remain Productive

Take time to send productivity guidelines to your teams from time to time, as it will enable them to remain productive even while working remotely. You can send the insights through emails or any online platform.

Also, check on them from time to time to understand and solve their challenges. Encourage them to:

• Take breaks from computers regularly.

• Take care of their physical and mental health.

• Differentiate between working hours and family times.

• Create a good working environment.

Trust the Employees with Your Work

Many managers enjoy walking by their employees’ desks to check on work progress in the traditional office setting. However, with remote working, such cases are unavailable. Some managers have invested in micromanaging tools that keep on requesting the staff on the progress of work.

The employees waste precious time tying the updates from time to time. For you to allow them to remain predictive, trust them, and allow them to work without your interruptions. However, ensure you monitor their progress, especially during the virtual meeting you hold from time to time. Stats have shown that employees who work without close supervision are more productive than supervised. Therefore, trust your employees and test them by giving unsupervised work.

Recruited Passionate Employees

Supervising remote works is not a walk in the park. Therefore, ensure that you are employing the right skills and a passion for serving your business. If you have the right people on board, you are sure they will remain productive with little or no supervision.

You can also encourage the existing ones or even organize workshops to teach your staff how to remain productive despite the distance. Such seminars will go a long way in educating your staff, especially when shifting from regular office to remote working.

Reward Hardworking Employees

A great way to maintain the productivity of your employees is by rewarding those that are hardworking. There are many ways that you can reward high performers by gifting business industry merch, giving more PTO time, conducting award ceremonies, and increasing raises and bonuses. Using a combination of these tactics will make the employee feel valued and stay with the company long-term.


For your remote employees to remain productive, you need to invest in the right tools, advise them on staying productive, and employ the right personnel. The endeavor has not been easy, but if you invest in the insights above, your business will remain productive though your staff will be working remotely.

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