Russian School of Mathematics

Over the Course of 5 years, we provided on going marketing, advertising, branding, and interactive design support for events, and program initiatives.
We worked on a large variety of projects for the RSM including ongoing print marketing campaigns and web advertising, but in addition, we got to assist in creating unique events such as “Respect The Nerd”  and the “Math Olympiad”.


Ksenia V Maguire,
Art Director

Joseph Maguire,
Art Director


Web Design
Graphic Design
Event Design
Web Advertising
Social Media Campaigns
Email Newsletters
Publication Design

“Joe and Ksenia are a very talented team. Between the two of them their knowledge covers a broad scope of design abilities that any client might want to tap into. They have a very keen eye for beautiful design. ”

Masha Gershman – Director of Outreach at Russian School of Mathematics

Art Direction

ElephantMark provided a large body of creative, branding, interactive, advertising and marketing work for the Russian School of Mathematics and the RSM Foundation.

Event Design

We worked to craft the look and feel as well as sometimes the names themselves for events and programs. And we’re thrilled to see the brands carry on year after year long after our participation in their creations.


We illustrated, and branded the publication MPower Magazine. After creating 3 issues for the publication as a prototype we were thrilled to create illustrations for fun and engaging material for math students across the country.


We designed unique infographics for complex cloud diagrams.

Signage & Way Signage

We designed A-Frames, posters, and decals for window signage systems.

Interactive Design

We crafted landing pages, as well as an entire foundation website that hosted content from the MPower publication we had the chance to design and illustrate for.

Social & Web Advertising

We crafted advertisements for web banners for events, for schools for sign-ups, for awareness campaigns, and much more.

Print Advertising

We assisted in crafting print advertisements across the country for roughly 2 years of our larger engagement. During this time we updated the style of all the print advertisements during 2017. Another key highlight was our integrated Summer Enrollment campaign for 2017.

MPower! Publication Design

We created 3 issues of the MPower! publication for the RSM Foundation, a non-profit initiative that facilitated creating content for mathematics students across the country. We were thrilled to do this and had a lot of fun creating unique cover illustrations, layout designs, branding the publication, and coming up with content and designing featured article illustrations.

RSM, Russian School of Mathematics, RSM Foundation, mpower magazine, m-power magazine, school branding, school website design, school publication design

 First article form MPower! Issue 3

RSM, Russian School of Mathematics, RSM Foundation, MPower
RSM, Russian School of Mathematics, RSM Foundation
Click the images above to download the publications.
RSM, Russian School of Mathematics, RSM Foundation
RSM, Russian School of Mathematics, RSM Foundation, website design

RSM Foundation Website – Click image above to visit

RSM, Russian School of Mathematics, RSM Foundation

RSM Foundation

We designed and developed the branding system as well as the website for the RSM Foundation. The identity itself is represented with a unique view of an icosahedron which was both a play symbol in 2 dimensions as well as a pyramid in 3 dimensions mixing both ‘play’ + ‘structure’.

The website was designed with the intention to promote the non-profit’s initiatives (chess tournaments, math contests, MPower! and more.) This site was built with WordPress and developed with a unique custom theme by ElephantMark.

RSM Panel Signage Design San Jose

Over the course of 2017 and 2016, ElephantMark presented a series of mock-ups and designs for the proposed signage for the RSM San Jose Branch. This branch is closely located near silicon valley and major tech industry campuses. The client was thrilled with the result and we were thrilled to have helped bring their messaging to life.

Summer Enrollment Campaign 2016

We were tasked with coming up with a unique campaign for all of the RSM branches nationwide. We conceived a series of ideas that revolved around fears, challenges, and misconceptions of summer math school. And we executed those ideas into posters, mailers, web advertisements, social media advertisements, and a-frames.

Thirsty For a Math Challenge

This campaign direction targeted the achievers looking for another notch in their mathematics resume.

Keep Cool With Math This Summer

Simply put summer school can be viewed in a not so positive cool light, especially in the summer. But its a misconception to think that as these kids bond and develop friendships while learning advanced mathematics.

Beat the Competition with Math this Summer!

This was a straightforward approach directed at parents interested in getting their children ahead before the next school year.

Swim Past Your Math Fears

The misconception that math is scary, or that math is uncool is something that this campaign was directly attempting to change the student’s view of while paying homage to the great summer film and book cover to the original ‘Jaws’. This campaign leads to mobile and display ads in addition and had a great click-through rate from social media.

Respect The Nerd Photogallery – Click image above to visit

RSM – Respect The Nerd

Ksenia crafted the unique logo and t-shirt for the ‘Respect the Nerd’ an event by RSM which empowered all ages of students to come out and play math games and test their knowledge of mathematics. It’s a ton of fun, and the concept of the brain + boxing glove is a light-hearted way of demanding respect for your brain power’s mathematical acuity.


We provide strategic marketing solutions and have the knowledge to work well within any marketing initiative. We believe in developing long lasting business relationships through delivering solid work.

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