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By: Joseph Maguire   From: ElephantMark

Introducing RED Hydrogen One Smartphone

RED Hydrogen One will offer a holographic display and its set to release before the summer. Besides that, it is said to have a cutting-edge camera as the manufacturer makes high-end cameras already. Just one of those new pieces of tech to watch in 2018.

Anyone remember the classic SEGA “Time Traveller” Arcade game from 1991?

I remember this game at the arcades in Cape Cod. Back than this futuristic arcade game featured a cutting-edge hologram technology. SEGA’s classic btw wasn’t really holographic it was a hologram in 2D, what these guys are doing with RED’s Smartphone will be light years from that old technology. But it amazes me that it’s taken so long to develop. I wonder what other applications we’ll soon be seeing in malls, theatres, parks, and museums. It would be amazing to see battle re-enactments in 3D on a large scale.

The question remains will augmented reality also be met with real-life holographic digital visualizations? I wonder if Holograms will lag behind augmented reality technologies or they will both meet up at the same time. It would also be nice to see a come back to the arcades as a side note.

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