Simple & Easy Ways to Edit Your Business Marketing Content

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Your business’ content is what tells people your story, your mission and vision, and the latest news regarding your company. It’s what helps you gradually build a bond with your target consumers. And while you might hire the best content writers or videographers to produce top quality text and media content, there are times when it’s just quite not hitting the right points or invoking the right emotions from its viewers. Here are seven simple and easy ways to edit your business content to get your message across.


For businesses that work with text content, Grammarly is a useful tool that lets you get rid of those embarrassing typos and awkwardly phrased sentences. Grammarly stands as one of the earliest text-based editing tools that can sift through large chunks of text and point out suggestions for improvement. The plug-in allows for clarity-focused sentence rewrites, tone adjustments, word suggestions, and plagiarism detection so that your content doesn’t get flagged.


As your business grows, you’ll likely need to hire more content writers, website design companies, graphic designers, and other creative professionals to produce more content. Asana is a project management tool built to help you organize teams and assign tasks. In addition to standard project management features, such as project and task breakdowns and custom fields, Asana also comes with reporting features to simplify tracking different project and team goals, milestones, portfolios, and status updates.


SocialBook is a video background remover that helps bring videos to life by either adding or removing the background from image and video content. SocialBook advertises itself as a platform that lets you do this with one click. With a tool like SocialBook, the need for expensive greenscreens, studios, and multiple software is eliminated. The site also comes with a myriad of free tools, including profile cartoonizers, photo studios, social media templates, and NFT maker.


If you need online spell checking but don’t want all of the other features that Grammarly comes with, SlickWrite is a good tool to use. SlickWrite is a browser-based spell checker that lets you directly copy and paste content into the site to find out if it has any errors. SlickWrite can point out grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, or tense that’s off. The site differentiates itself from similar software by letting you customize the settings for results you don’t want edited or to narrow down suggestions as you go.

Death to Stock

Great business content isn’t just a wall of text; adding images to your webpages, articles, blog posts, and email ads make it more visually appealing and enticing to read. Death To Stock sends you an email packet of photos from their collection of 250 million stock images, including 360-degree panoramic backgrounds. Death To Stock does charge $12 per month to subscribe to their service, but you can first try their free trial program. They also provide an extensive amount of documentation on their website to help new users learn the core service and related features.


Informative content and fancy images aren’t always enough to bring in readers. You can add an extra touch to your business’ content by attaching inspiring quotes. Canva is a free tool that lets you add quotes to match photos. You can create stylish montages, add music to videos, and convert GIFs to videos. The platform also comes with standard image editing features. including circle cropping, black and white image filters, photo bordering, etcetera.

Headline Analyzer

If you have informative and fresh content, but no one seems to be clicking your posts, it might be that your headline is not enticing enough. It’s tricky to write a good headline every time. There’s limited characters and you only have so much time to capture the reader’s attention when they see it. Headline Analyzer can help you write better headlines for your content, which can optimize your content’s search engine placement.


Business content can either make or break your business’ brand. Whether it’s grammatical errors or poorly placed images, there are times when your marketing materials can use some brushing up. Thanks to the tools listed above, it’s become much easier to professionally edit your content without having to pay a lot of money or learn complex editing platforms.

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