What’s in a Name? Everything.

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What’s in a name? Everything. Especially when it comes to branding a new business. A name is the first thing a new client or customer will see. A name is the one thing most likely to stick with them, the one thing to keep their mind on your company. A good name can mean the difference between becoming a joke or becoming a verb. People don’t “search” for topics on the internet — people “Google” them. The name of your new business is critical to conveying both your message and your unique proposition. This is especially important in the digital age, where potential customers are constantly bombarded with information and advertising. A good name needs to stand out, needs to convey an entirely new way of communicating and doing business. 

Elephantmark has helped numerous new start-ups and businesses pick the perfect name to capture a customer’s attention and, especially, fit their branding. Take, for example, the Spoke and Fork restaurant in Portland, Oregon, owned by the Hyatt Regency company. Portland is known as a bicycle city, so the word “Spoke” in the name fits that very theme. The restaurant is also located in the city’s business hub, so the name also connects to the spokes of a wheel all coming together at the wheel’s hub. It’s simple and effortlessly clever, two signs of a catchy name. “The project came out better than expected, the design that Elephant mark created is vibrant, catches the attention of people on the street, and looks beautiful,” said Brad Gillespie, director of food & beverage * culinary ops for Hyatt. “It represents our Brand perfectly and aligns with our Food and Beverage philosophy.”

Elephantmark also helped travel agency Avontuur with picking their name. The name stands out as very unique to Western customers, while still being recognizable. “Avontuur” is a Dutch word meaning “adventure”. And Avontuur, the company, often books safari trips to South Africa, where the Dutch language is spoken and the word “avontuur” is actually used. The name connects to the brand and connects to offered service. Another start-up that Elephantmark helped name is Bodyscript, which developed a device to help determine your body composition, water mass, and muscle mass. Bodyscript had to compete with a much larger company selling a similar product, and they needed a name that would both easily explain their product and help them stand out. 

Elephantmark is proud to have created design identities and creative marketing strategies for these law firms and others, and we’re excited to be recognized by DesignRush at https://www.designrush.com/agency/naming-agencies.

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