Why Your Biz Should Invest in SMS Marketing

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SMS marketing is an advertising tool that’s becoming more popular among small business owners and entrepreneurs. This is because SMS or text marketing is more accessible and more beneficial to businesses with smaller operating budgets. It provides greater access to broader audiences, which small business owners might not otherwise be able to access. Specifically, this type of marketing helps small business owners maintain more consistent connections with their target demographic groups.

Gives Customer Engagement a Boost

In the early days of cell phones, a text message was simply a short block of text. In recent years, smartphones have almost become a necessity with the majority of people using some type of smartphone on a daily basis. This makes it easier to use SMS marketing to connect with your customers. You can send out a poll that offers a discount on purchases for participation, or you can use a text message to get customers involved in a promotional contest.

Since there are more features available in text messaging today, you can include images, video clips, or links to your external website in a text message. There are many more ways you can use SMS messages to get consumers to be more active in communicating with your brand or business.

It’s Quick and Easy

Text messages are necessarily short and succinct. This is why most people are more likely to open a text message than an email even when they know the sender is an advertiser. They can quickly read a message from their favorite brand to find out if the message is offering something that appeals to them. This also makes it easier for you as the business owner to create marketing messages for your consumers. You don’t have to come with clever sales tactics or marketing slogans to send a quick text message. Simply write a couple of sentences that convey the information you want to pass on to your customers.

Any Small Business Can Afford It

You don’t need a massive marketing budget to send a few text messages through a short code texting service. In fact, most services offer SMS marketing for just a few cents per message. This makes it possible for you to reach consumers just a few times a month for a couple of dollars. When you have more money in your marketing budget, you can buy bulk messages, which you can send out intermittently throughout the year. How much you use SMS marketing is up to you, which is why it’s ideally suited for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Increases Consumer Involvement

Text messaging is unique in that it allows users to access the messages quickly on the go. In terms of SMS marketing, this means consumers can read your message easily as they prepare to leave work, run errands, or pick their kids up from school. Since they’re already out and away from home, it may be more convenient for them to stop by your shop or restaurant to take advantage of a promotional sale. Many businesses use SMS marketing in this way to offer secret sales that are only available for a limited time. The convenience of text messages combined with the urgency of a special event will encourage more customer interaction with your business.

Reach More Consumers

A digital ad that appears on a social media site may not be seen by every consumer within your target demographic. That will depend on the time of day, number of users online, keyword searches, and other factors that are used in rotating ads for various advertising businesses. However, SMS messages are sent to everyone in the database, and those messages will remain on each user’s phone until they read and delete them. This means you’ll reach a larger group of people in your target demographics. Those users may also forward your messages to friends and relatives who they think will like your message. This increases your reach, even more, allowing you to grow your base of customers through simple and inexpensive ads.

Even though you may already make use of other digital marketing resources, SMS marketing can enhance your brand’s reach. It will help you stay closer to your target demographic groups, and it will help you forge closer relationships with past customers. In addition to boosting sales, SMS marketing can help you grow a more positive image for your brand.

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