2021 Tech Upgrades for Your Office

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It looks like you’re going back to the office. You and approximately 20% of the workforce, that is. After countless zoom calls and spending the day in your pajamas, you’re ready to dress business casual and get back to brick-and-mortar operations.

However, your office might not be ready. It’s been over 18 months since you left, and technology hasn’t waited. It moved ahead at its usual rapid pace. Thus, some updates are needed to maintain or increase productivity and security levels. Here are a few 2021 tech upgrades for your office.

Enhanced Control Stations

Your control room design was already out of date when you left the building. Desks and chairs weren’t conducive to productivity. Personal monitors were too small. Plus, those on your video wall showed signs of wear.

It’s time for an upgrade. Companies around the country, Constant Technologies as an example, help design the right control room for any environment. For instance, one that’s needed to monitor digital network activity and security alerts. They’ve worked with similar clients and developed the best methods to create a long-lasting space.

Diskless Servers

A major problem for businesses is the seeming ease cybercriminals have hacking personally identifiable information (PII). No matter what they do, the server information is tagged and taken. A 2021 tech upgrade that prevents this is diskless servers.

This hardware doesn’t contain any type of hard drive. Instead, 100% of the information is stored on the random access memory (RAM). When users are done with their sessions, the RAM is completely erased. Thus, information isn’t available to hackers.

Virtual Private Network

There’s a good chance your company applied a virtual private network (VPN) in their environment while you worked remotely. This allowed you to privately access the company’s information. Both your IP address and the domain you came from were safely hidden from cybercriminals.

This 2021 tech upgrade is staying. Especially if your business saw a reduction in malicious activity. In fact, you might end up using it within your office environment for additional protection.

Thermal Printers

You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the waste your company produced when the office was in operation. So, you researched ways to reduce its carbon footprint. One method you discovered was to start utilizing thermal printers.

These are typically utilized to create shipping labels, barcodes, and other items that are heavily used for delivery and inventory. It uses a thermal print head to transfer ink from a ribbon onto a sheet of labels. Generally, this reduces waste and increases the printer’s usefulness.

Self-Heating Mugs

Nothing is worse than cold coffee that was once hot. Before you left the office you had to refill your mug or make a new batch of coffee. This is no longer required.

There are now mugs that are self-heating and maintaining. A battery-powered element warms the coffee and keeps it that way for most of the day. Thus, you can finish a whole cup before going for another.

Mobile Routers

Network routers are no longer bulky units with antennas. Now, they come in smaller sizes that easily fit into a laptop case. With one of these in hand, it’s easier to access wireless networks from practically anywhere.

Some are basic tools to boost network power. Others have advanced features like support for nearly two dozen connections. This means you can work from a remote office location with little hassle.

Centralized Cloud Storage

When you return to the office you might notice the lack of a server farm. The reason is your organization no longer owns or rents its equipment. Instead, it now utilizes centralized cloud storage.

This is a smart economic and security decision. Cloud devices are better protected than physical servers. Additionally, cloud storage grows with your company. Therefore, if more space is required, they allocate another partition for you to use.

Needless to say, your office is going to look a lot different when you get back. If it doesn’t then consider these recommendations and present them to your management. To maintain their edge over the competitors, they might take advantage of items like diskless servers or an expanded VPN.

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