4 Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Your Family

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Protecting your family from all threats is much more difficult today than in the past. Not only do you have to watch out for threats that could develop near your home, but you also have to be cognizant of threats that could be thousands of miles away but still reach your family through the internet. To protect your family today, you must make cybersecurity a priority in your home.

Invest in a VPN

One strategy you can use to help protect your family from cybercriminals is to invest in a VPN. VPN is short for virtual private network. Doing so can give your family a lot more anonymity when using the internet than would be possible through any other means. It accomplishes this by implementing a private network to mask the true location of your IP address that can be used to identify the location of your computer. Your internet activities will not be traceable back to your computer. This means that criminals that could be snooping in on your internet activity will not be able to figure out where your computer is located and where your family lives. This will help you avoid one of the biggest threats of the internet, hackers using your online activities to identify where you live so your family can be targeted. 31 percent of internet users now use a VPN.

Implement a Password Manager

Something else you must guard against is the possibility of passwords for important accounts being cracked. This includes passwords to bank accounts, online stores, social media accounts, streaming services, and more. If a password is too simple, hackers can easily crack it. The information found when logging into your accounts can then be used to locate your family or defraud them for thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, keeping track of many different passwords that are complex enough to avoid being cracked can be quite difficult. This is why you should implement a family password manager. Such a password manager can generate secure passwords automatically and encrypt them so they cannot be stolen by hackers. It both simplifies the process of using passwords and greatly increases your cybersecurity simultaneously. You won’t have to remember so many complex passwords, and your accounts will be almost impossible to break into.

Use Parental Controls

Children are especially susceptible to the threats of the internet. There are indeed predators and other bad actors out there on the net that could do your children harm. Many parents severely restrict their children’s internet access as a result. If you wish to let your children access the world wide web, you should at least implement parental controls that can help ensure that your children remain safe while online. Track your children’s internet use. Make sure you know exactly who they are communicating with online via social media, messaging apps, or any other program or website. Institute content filtering to make sure your children cannot access content and websites that are inappropriate for their age groups. Doing so can help ensure that your children remain safe while using the internet to perform research for school, watch YouTube, or whatever else they may do online.

Backup Your Important Data

The traditional personal computer has certain drawbacks. For one, data stored on a local hard drive will be permanently lost if that hard drive is significantly damaged. This can be a serious issue for many families. Today, many very important documents and even things like family photos are stored only in digital form. If, for example, your computer experiences a power surge after your house is hit by lightning, those files can be lost forever. This is why you should consider using backup services from a cloud provider. With such services, your most important documents and files will be protected. If something happens to your local hard drives, you will still be able to restore and access your important files. The risk of losing them permanently will be averted. This is especially the case with how hard it is for cloud hosts to lose data due to the way the technology is designed.

It is your responsibility to protect your family members. This also includes protecting them from online threats. Taking steps like using a VPN, a password manager, parental controls and cloud backup can do just that. Your family’s cybersecurity will be increased, and the chance of being victimized by criminals will be greatly lessened.

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