Dirt Bikes 101: How to Keep Them Running Smoothly

by | Nov 5, 2021 | Futurism | 0 comments

If you are a dirt bike owner or rider, you should be aware that keeping them in good working order is important. Dirt bikes can break down even more if they haven’t been well maintained over the years. So how do you keep your dirt bike running smoothly?

1. Take care of routine maintenance tasks.

Dirt bikes, especially older ones with lots of hours on the engine and drive train, need regular maintenance. This is fundamental in ensuring that they keep them running smoothly. Make sure you change your oil regularly (every 100-200 hours). Check all bolts for tightness every time before riding. Also, ensure you Rebuild and upgrade kits for ATVs starting your ride. Has regular maintenance been done by a professional mechanic?

2. Keep it clean

Dirt can damage important parts of dirt bike engines like any other type of motor vehicle. Make sure to give yours a good wash after each use. This will help prevent rust from forming where water gets into nooks and crannies that aren’t reached by scrubbing. What’s more, is this also helps detect problems early if there is some leak or problem in the system. When dirt gets inside small places, it speeds up wear on moving parts, leading to even more significant issues down the road.

3. Servicing

Dirt bikes need to be serviced often, but you should leave most of the work to a professional shop specializing in servicing dirt bikes. The professionals know these machines inside and out. They rebuild and upgrade kits for ATV’s ensuring that the dirt bike becomes as good as new. They can do things like replace worn parts, adjust valves, and change oil filters. They can also clean carburetors or fuel injectors and all kinds of technical tasks that are beyond your abilities as an amateur biker. It’s also good for peace of mind if something goes wrong while riding on rough terrain when you know a pro mechanic is a phone call away.

4. Performing tune-ups

Perform tune-ups at least twice per year, so it stays running. A dirty air filter will prevent proper airflow into the engine. This means there won’t be enough power to get up hills. Tune-ups are important in the dirt bike world because you need to speed away from a dangerous situation. You can be able to flee in case an animal is running toward you while off-roading. Dirt bikes are very powerful and can move fast. You must have them tuned up more often by a professional shop that will ensure everything is working well before your next ride.

5. Replace worn parts.

One of the most common causes for reduced power output on any motor vehicle comes down to old/worn-out components. Things like spark plugs, cables, brake pads wear out fast. Replacing these items may help bring back some extra horsepower. Remember that replacing certain wear & tear parts won’t turn your 20-year-old dirt bike into good condition.

6. Keep your tires inflated and balanced

Make sure the tires are inflated and balanced. This is important because the dirt bike will have a lower top speed if they’re not inflated enough. It might also be more prone to tipping over or slipping on wet surfaces, so you must check your tire pressure often. Inflate tires until they are firm. Always use air pumps at gas stations and bicycle shops rather than using an air compressor. Those machines can sometimes give inaccurate readings. Such mess could lead riders into dangerous situations.

Ensuring proper tire inflation and making sure all parts of the wheel system (brakes, bearings) are working before each ride. This means looking for any dents in the tire wall or damage to the tire tread.


Dirt bikes are great to ride if you know what you’re doing, have experience riding them, and want to enjoy some off-road. Be sure that before your first ride on a dirt bike, you do the proper research. There’s lots of information available online where riders share their experiences. Learn how to maintain or repair your dirt bike. Many mechanics post step-by-step tutorials for things like changing oil filters, replacing brake pads. The information is helpful when it comes time for tuning up your dirt bike.

Don’t forget that always keep safety in mind at all times while riding a dirt bike. A helmet, goggles, and protective clothing such as boots, gloves, etc., are an absolute must when riding. You never know what could happen while off-road.

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