Berkeley Cafe Signage Design

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Berkeley Cafe, a breakfast and lunch cafe inside the old John Hancock building in Boston were looking to update their signage systems for their lunch, breakfast, oatmeals, soups, and cafe related menu items.


ElephantMark provided a unique custom menu signage design that included a chalk board that fit precisely to the woodwork inside the interior of the existing Berkeley Cafe. Additionally, ElephantMark provided the branding for the cafe so that it prominently displayed “We Proudly Serve Starbucks Coffee”. Additionally, we wanted create flip two sided boards for Soups/Oatmeals, and for lunch/breakfast menu items. They did this by installing “J” hooks on the menu boards so that they could be easily lifted and placed down depending upon the time of the day. The company we worked with to provide installation was Back Bay Signage located over in Medford by our home office.


All 3 signs were installed and configured specifically for the restaurant for their new seasonal menu in Mid April, 2012. Since launch we’ve discovered that clientele are now aware that this cafe serves Starbucks based upon the new signage menu systems and the branding on the main menu.


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July 20, 2012