Top Brewery Branding & Packaging Design Inspirations

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Top Brewery Branding & Packaging Design Inspirations

By: Joseph Maguire   From: ElephantMark

Beer labels and beer branding, and wine labels seem to be where a lot of artists gravitated towards since CD Labels, and album covers are largely a thing of the past. And I have to say its fun to see such talented works when going to get a six-pack. Having been recently inspired by a few beer labels in this past week from Coppertail brewery I thought it would be both great to collect a small list of some recent brewery labels brand updates and brands that inspired us. We’d love to see what beer branding updates inspired you too.

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Coppertail Brewery Branding by Spark

This packaging design, brewery branding system, and illustration for their packaging system inspired this entire post. I absolutely adore it. And I did not see this brand until 2018, largely due to the fact we moved from the Northeast to Florida this past year. You should check out their beers if you can and visit their site it’s just as gorgeous too!.  | The UnderConsideration Review | The Dieline Review | OhBeautifulBeer

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BallastPoint by MiresBall

BallastPoint is a gorgeous colorful illustrative rebrand from 2013, and it’s visually been an impressive brand to both watch and to see grow the past few years. The type is clear and readable and the colors catch your eye from any beer cooler when looking across the competition.  | The UnderConsideration Review | The Dieline Review | OhBeautifulBeer

Innis & Gunn by WhiteSpacers

I am not quite sure if WhiteSpacers is responsible as I haven’t seen any credit posts as of yet. Just the same this recent rebrand is largely type driven, classic looking and bold. It stands out on the shelf in an aggressive manner. Gorgeous and eye-catching work.

Innis & Gunn  | PRNewswire

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Widmer Hefeweizen by Hornell Anderson

Gorgeous type-driven solution using the yellow reminiscent of lemons to showcase the citrus notes define the American style Hefeweizen. Hefe could easily be found across the room let alone while looking at other beers close-up.

WidmerHefeweizen  | NewSchoolBeer | OhBeautifulBeer | TheDieline

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Kros Strain Brewing by CodoDesign

A visually appealing aesthetic define this nature-driven design system for Kros Strain, a Nebraska Brewery.  It caught my eye because it’s marketing strategy is less aggressive but more visually artistic and it is striking in its typography and its watercolor paintings. I also dug the 6-pack carton.

Kros Strain Brewery | OhBeautifulBeer

top brewery branding, brewery branding, brewery labels, beer labels, beer branding

Mustan Virran Panimo (Black Brook Brewing – Finnish) Branding by VilleGranroth

This is one of those brands, that is so amazingly thought through you can’t help but wonder why the creative passion behind its brand couldn’t have also instilled some of that passion into the brewery itself. All of the flavors use heraldic symbology to break up the design system. But sadly, they have had some tough critics of their products. I hope their next brew gets the formula right and wins over new audiences because it looks damned good.

MustanVirranPanimo  | | OhBeautifulBeer

top brewery branding, brewery branding, brewery labels, beer labels, beer branding

Budweiser Rebranding – by Jones Knowles Ritchie

Budweiser is and always has been the “King of Beers” although will recognizable with its use of red white and blue, I never really cared for it the brand. I associated it with my parent’s generation which is not necessarily helpful in this microbrew day and age. That said. Budweiser’s rebrand is flat out show-stopping gorgeous with details that made me buy and stare at the bottles craftsmanship. It is a hodgepodge of Americana’s typography from the 1890s to the 1920s to present day. And I love it. It shouldn’t work but it does. It’s busy but its as rich as staring at the constitution itself.

Budweiser  | UnderConsideration

top brewery branding, brewery branding, brewery labels, beer labels, beer branding

Breckenridge Brewery – by VSA Partners

You cannot beat an illustration that emotes awesomeness. Avalanche Ale and Vanilla Porter are really well crafted and have great die-cuts as well. Overall, I love their illustration set for all of their products are really well crafted. Great work.

Breckenridge Brewery | OhBeautifulBeer

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