By: Joseph Maguire   From: ElephantMark

Crafting Your Own Font Online

While this particular company has been out of over a year now, this is news to me as I have not seen this particular product yet. Typically to design a font, I would have spent an extraordinary amount of time in Adobe Illustrator and go through a lengthy process of crafting a full type and glyph set. This company created a product to make the entire process a lot easier.

This is Great for Designers Because:
You can craft a unique asset for your clients that are not used by anyone else in the world. This adds a ton of value, as anything you can do to differentiate yourself in a positive way from your competition is going to add to the brand strategy and experience viewers have with it. 

We’ll give it a shot later this month and will let you know our explorations into and would love to see some of your creations as well!


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