The WP Rocket Lazy Load Images fix for Divi Sliders

Like many of you who use WP Rocket out there to improve your performances of your sites you probably got stuck with this one simple glitch. WP Rocket and Lazy load images do not work well together with Divi and Divi sliders. They had a fix that was outdated but with the more recent update of DIVI I have the new fix. 

On Line 612 of Slideritem.php fix this one code to include data-no-lazy “1”.

612:  ? sprintf( ‘<div class=”et_pb_slide_image”><img src=”%1$s” alt=”%2$s” data-no-lazy=”1″ /></div>’, 

The Old Sourced Article: it is outdated but I hope they update it here too for more Divi Fans too!


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