Thompson Reuters LTI Nomination Software Interface Design

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ElephantMark worked with an internal team at Thomson Reuters to create a unique software interface design for their LTI Nomination Software. And to make sure that the software was on brand.
The LTI Nomination software’s goals were to give managers the abilities to place employees at different payment rankings and to move them up and down on the scale of payment.


We designed & user experience architect-ed a large-scale web-site with the ability to quickly make LTI changes. The response was overwhelmingly positive and launched just prior to the holidays time period in late 2009. The application is still in use to our knowledge. One of the key success points is that we forced all managers to give a reasoning for the pay upgrade or downgrade. And what is most interesting is this lead to a really positive feed back point from the overall user experience.


Created a 10-page interactive application, following the TR brand guidelines. We Focused on design and functionality for the user interface, and we worked with both the corporate TR team and the software development firm CWS Software to accomplish all of the goals TR set forth.


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April 22, 2012

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