Created by So KANNO + Takahiro YAMAGUCHI

I just find it fascinating how fast this is occurring. When I was going to school there were tons of installation art examples of self-drawing machines, and now they’re mass-producing and creating them for home use. Meet Scribit, a self-drawing plotting robot that creates artwork on virtually any surface.

Pretty neat right? You can source any image or upload your own and have Scribit apply it to any surface. They funded their Kickstarter campaign and it looks like its just a matter of time before this thing reaches the shelves. Check it out for yourself. The future is bold and its kinda fun. This beats Roomba in my humble opinion.

That got me to thinking… you know that can possibly also apply to one of the biggest trades. Exterior painting…

Well not quite yet, yes they have machines out there but it’s going to be a long while prior to this replacing house painters.

And what about people who create robotic art? 

Well, humans are using robots to create some pretty neat stuff too, and if you want to share some of your found artwork created by robots please add a link below in the comments field.  I’d love to create this article into a gallery. Their’s just so much out there, Enjoy. And cheers to all the inventors and artists that are pioneering Robotic Art.

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