Ten Signs You’re Good with App Promotion

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As you can feel, there is no limit in terms of app promotion. You can treat it
like any traditional product launch and actively spend time putting together a
app user acquisition strategy. The quality of users you attract to your app is
more vital than the quantity, so make sure that you can understand your target
the audience, and create your advertisements.
Website is one where people want to know your app as real-deal, and that
you’re truly invested in it as a business. For enterprise brands, your app
requires prominently featured across your site, not on a small logo on the
footer. Moreover, it should have a presence throughout, wherever it makes a lot
of sense to.
Social media is also a must for app promotion. You have two ways to connect
with your audience via social- paid and organic.

Organic Promotion

Organic promotion on social media is simple and easy in the form of having a
presence; e.g. a Facebook page, and Twitter and Instagram profiles. Develop
accounts and start following people within your target audience and industry.
You can try to connect with your global audience in a meaningful way by
posting about the things they actually care about and joining in on the


By putting some money behind your app promotion will certainly boost your
discoverability and you can get more people to your app. Due to wide broad
audiences and nice ability to segment, Facebook and Instagram are much
quality advertisement platforms for mobile apps. In addition, since Facebook
owns Instagram, they make it so facile to place app install ads on both.
Public Relations
It is largely elaborated that media and influencer mentions go a long way sync in
terms of developing credibility. There are numerous ways to go about doing
this aspect like a Press release, Hosting a launch party and inviting the local media

and high number of tech influencers, apt interviews with local newspapers and
tech bloggers and eventually Guest blogging.
Finally, if your business is looking for App Development, App Marketing and
App Promotion services don’t be afraid to enlist extra help from App Marketing

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