Berkeley Cafe

ElephantMark provided unique hanging signage systems and store-front poster marketing for featured cafeteria items.

Upon developing our relationship with the Guckenheimer organization, we also assisted in developing the brand signage for a nearby Copley cafeteria called the Berkeley Cafe. Their challenge was simple, create a branded menu that was easily updateable and cost-effective to maintain and update.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director
Ksenia Maguire
Art Director


Signage Design
Graphic Design

Proposed Signage Design

We crafted the brand identity from the imagery and styles connected to Zora Neale Hurston and the time period and visual information about Eatonville, Florida. We used this to put together a comprehensive texture and exterior signage system. Including the details of lemon trees.

berkeley cafe
berkeley cafe signage

Hanging Signage That Was Easily Updateable

We created a unique signage system that was built to be placed on a hanging board 2 sides. That meant that people in the line could see all of the menu items while they waited to get to the register. For the cafeteria it also meant replacing and updating pricing on the signs wasn’t so costly as prices increase quarterly, and they needed to get updated regularly. We basically created a solution that was not fixed and required a small investment for each print.