Eatonville Restaurant

A Washington D.C. eatery that was inspired by the Harlem Renaissance and the African American author Zora Neal Hurston.
We researched the history of the famous African-American author Zora Neale Hurston, who put Eatonville, FL on the map. We created an identity that captured her unique style to complete this restaurant branding signage system.


Joseph Maguire,
Art Director


Signage Design
Graphic Design

Eatonville Restaurant, Restaurant Branding, Eatonville Dc Logo

Proposed Signage Design

We crafted the brand identity from the imagery and styles connected to Zora Neale Hurston and the time period and visual information about Eatonville, Florida. We used this to put together a comprehensive texture and exterior signage system. Including the details of lemon trees.

Eatonville Restaurant Branding, Eatonville Restaurant Signage, Restaurant Signage, Restaurant Signage Prototype

From Concept to Execution

We were pleased to see the final execution of this restaurant take into account many of the details from a local photographer’s shoot in Washington, D.C.