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Branding Inspirations

Full Armor Coffee Now Accepting Pre-Orders

We're excited to announce one of our latest brand naming, brand identity design, packaging design, and website design clients is now going live and accepting pre-orders ( deliveries will begin March 30th, 2019 for their coffees).  Full Armor Coffee offers light and...

Clutch has named ElephantMark a top Florida Branding Agency

In today’s world, businesses need a strong digital presence to compete against industry competitors. We build up our clients’ digital presence through all things branding: audits, strategies, identity designs, advertising campaigns, and more. We understand the vital...

You Have 3 Seconds To Live

You Have 3 Seconds To Live By Keith Lane, Award-Winning Creative Director When I present a TV commercial to new clients they ask, “you have 3 seconds to live? What the hell does that mean? We’re paying for 30 seconds.” I let them know, “No one is waiting for your...

Dunkin Donuts Rebranding to Dunkin’

  Dunkin Donuts Rebranding to Dunkin' Dunkin’ Donuts just renamed, and rebranded after the success of the popular campaign “America Runs on Dunkin’.” It’s not every day a company that is over 70 years old simplifies its brand name, but what’s really confusing is its...

Why Brand Naming & Taglines Matter?

In the contemporary business environment, brand name and taglines have become more important than the product or service itself. Without a distinct brand identity which sticks with the target audience along with a succinct tagline which defines the brand, the business...

A QR Code Business Card Still Works

Did You know? In iOS 11+, Apple's photo app which is what it comes with, you can just put your phone over any print or digital marketing material ( ie QR Code Business Card ) and it will automatically prompt you if you'd like to visit the URL. And you can press it...

Rank a Brand’s Performance & Perform a Brand Audit

Learn how to rank a brand's performance, and perform your own brand audit. Doing so will help you uncover a brand's perception challenges and help you understand your brand's market reach, and help you to gauge how well a brand is performing in comparison to its...

Jenn-Air Rebrand or shall I say Revolt

JENN-AIR REBRAND by 45 Irving Chicago based 45 Irving came up with a new re-brand for JENN-AIR a luxury home appliance manufacturer. This video and campaign, and brand direction are wildly different than anything they were conservatively doing before. Is it bonkers?...

When and why you should update your brand strategy?

Why should you update your brand’s strategy?
If you’re asking yourself this question you should probably consider the potential branding challenges that your existing organization or business could be facing.
Have you run into the challenge that your brand is too similarly named or looking to similar to other companies in your space that you need to differentiate your brand from?

Personal Favorite Brand update of 2017

I have to say out of the most memorable updates of 2017 was Chobani’s re-branding. It definitely deserves the attention it’s getting. They did an amazing job and bringing a more friendly, warm serif typeface to represent the brand and its palette. It’s also a stark change from its modern/bright palette they had prior which I felt was a bit cold and an attempt at being too young and trendy.

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