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Advertising Inspirations

UGC Drives Customers to Businesses

UGC Drives Customers to Businesses Looking to drive more traffic to your business in 2019? User-generated content marketing is the best way for businesses to be promoted due to how trusted it is. Customers and, more importantly, prospective customers have started to...

Great Coffee Branding by Folgers

1850 Coffee Brand by Folgers & The J.M. Smucker Company  Taste testing foods and coffees are probably one of the better things the American consumer can enjoy doing. Especially when it's something you start your day with. So when I went to the store and saw the...

You Have 3 Seconds To Live

You Have 3 Seconds To Live By Keith Lane, Award-Winning Creative Director When I present a TV commercial to new clients they ask, “you have 3 seconds to live? What the hell does that mean? We’re paying for 30 seconds.” I let them know, “No one is waiting for your...

ElephantMark named Top Orlando Digital Agency by Clutch!

Founded on the idea that all brands have the potential to reach their goals and audiences with the right strategy and know-how, we’re proud to say that the work we do for our clients stands out. That’s why we’re excited to be recognized by Clutch in their recent press...

So Elon put a TESLA in space

Did I miss something, did I just come late to the party. Elon Musk in his gloriously inventive and absolutely insane glory came up with this marketing ploy, or rather a great way to say that he's invented the first Tesla Roadster sports car that's odometer will never...

Australian Tourism – Favorite Superbowl 2018 Ad

Source:Ad Age - Commercial by Droga5 Agency. Agency: Droga5 Our favorite ad of the night was by Droga5, the Australian Tourism advertisement for the fake movie Crocodile Dundee. Ironically, this movie would sell maybe they should make it. What was your favorite spot...

The Future 3D Scale

  The future 3D scale will show you all your curves and imperfections even your backside. Everything feels more and more Bladerunner these days, from watches that act like desktops and live video chats with friends & family on your TV, desktop, or phone...

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