When You Know You Need a Branding Agency

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When You know You Need a Branding Agency

Are you unsure if your brand strategy is impactful? Here are 5 examples of when you know you need a top rated branding agency.

1. You reviewed your marketing materials and your creative and messaging sounds like it is coming from multiple people that don’t share the same points or tone. Do you have a brand strategy manual? Are the brand rules followed?

2. You notice a visible eye-sore in one or more of your brand’s touch points ( a website, a business card, signage system, an app, any brand touchpoint ). Generally, when this happens you actually are just uncovering the tip of the iceberg.

3. Your brand identity system and its visual communications are dated and turning off potential audiences. ( styles change, colors even vary) Pantone has a color of the year for a reason, tastes and trends are fickle, know the wave of trends also if you plan not to follow them.

4. Your core audience or product offerings have changed and you have not updated the brand strategy, and all of its touch points to match it.

5. Your brand is inside the pack within your respective industry, but it is not the trendsetter and you want to break-through. Sometimes the toughest challenge in branding requires you to understand what sets the leader apart from the pack within your industry. In doing so, you can identify how your core offerings could be improved and identify weaknesses with a brand audit. 

Need a Branding Agency

Are you looking for a new creative partner and want a few tips before deciding on an agency? We’d like to provide some expertise from inside the industry that can help you decide on your next creative partner.

The right agency can grow with you. They will follow through on your deliverables and improve and change as your brand will.  They will build trust, and engage in great creative accomplishments with you, and not solely for themselves. When an agency’s last success is their most important one then you know their fighting alongside you for your success is as well as their own.

The right agency can communicate its strength’s as well as its weakness honestly. If you want to build trust with a client, the #1 rule is being honest about what you are great at. If you are concerned, ask for examples of experience before engaging on new scopes of work outside their comfort zones. A good case study can back-up the potential return on investment for any client.

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